Bilingual Education

Bilingual Education

The English language is everywhere. Songs, television, names of products and stores, internet are examples of English in our daily life.  It is considered the reference language for communication and has the power of connecting people from all over the world. Nowadays, knowing English can be decisive for the professional life. Thinking about teaching English from an early age is a way to guarantee the knowledge that can highlight the future of the children. Studying in the Mother Tongue and in English at the same time makes easier the learning of the second language, that´s why the Bilingual Teaching is an option, which guarantees many benefits.

IENH was the first school in the region to offer the Bilingual Curriculum (Portuguese/English). It has been working with it since 2005 from the Kindergarten (2 years old) at the Units Pindorama and Oswaldo Cruz, to the Elementary School at the Unit Fundação Evangélica. The abilities developed in the Basic Education involve the studies in both languages, Portuguese and English, passing through the different areas of knowledge, this way assuring a bilingual formation regarding oral and written communication.


In the Kindergarten, the student starts getting in touch with the English Language understanding what he listens to, through the experiences he has and the interaction of the teachers.

In his phase, the emphasis is on oral skills, on the natural construction of linguistics logic, making the learning process something natural and intuitive. Studies, research and experience of the professionals at IENH prove that the student that learns more than one language since his childhood develops his cognitive potential more easily.

In the Bilingual Curriculum classes, the students improve their speaking, writing, listening and understanding skills. Through dynamics that value the construction of knowledge, the skills of interpretation and development of logical reasoning in the English Language are enhanced.

Until the 4th year, two teachers (English and Portuguese) structure the proposals and in this dynamics, knowledge and projects to be worked on are established. From the 5th to the 9th year a different proposal regarding curriculum is offered, the classes count on two English teachers: one in charge of grammar and linguistics and the other in charge of projects in partnership with other teachers. This subject is called Applied English and is responsible for working with different subjects and areas in English. 

Other activities like cultural experience, online exchange, English Camp (a week of immersion in the English language in a camp in São Paulo) and international exchange programs are part of the proposals of this curriculum.

Since 2005, the Units Pindorama, Oswaldo Cruz and Fundação Evangélica have been offering the Bilingual Curriculum to their students.

The High School student has the opportunity to keep learning and studying English when following the Advanced Studies. This Curriculum aims at developing the fluent communication, the knowledge of other countries and enable the student to cross cultural boundaries in the international context.